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The effect of unfair competition laws on global trade.

 The effect of unfair competition laws on global trade.

Focus of the Final Paper

Submit a 9- to 11 page paper (not including the title and reference pages) on one of the topics below. You should incorporate relevant legal concepts and appropriate cases to analyze, explain, and support your writing.

  1. The impact of GATs, TRIMs, and TRIPs on global trade.
  2. The effect of unfair competition laws on global trade.
  3. The effect that international law on product liability and negligence have on global trade.
  4. The legal impact multinational trade agreements have on global trade.
  5. The effectiveness of international commercial law on international business transactions.
  6. The ability of international intellectual property organizations to effectively provide global protection for intellectual property.
  7. The impact of international licensing regulations on intellectual property.
  8. The impact of the CISG on international business transactions.
  9. The effect that different tax laws have on international business decisions.
  10. The ability of international law to control corrupt business practices.

The paper must address the following:

  • Analyze how the issue impacts trade in a foreign market;
  • Analyze how the issue affects global and/or domestic trade;
  • Apply legal concepts covered in the course;
  • Apply legal cases to develop the analysis; and
  • Provide an opinion relating to the topic.
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