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Case study on marketing

Case study on marketing

Second Annual Contest: The SM MarketYou have just been hired as a consultant by Sid Model of SM Market. Sid started a smallmeat and fish market several years ago in a suburban community with the concept ofproviding high-quality fresh meats and fish at a reasonable price. The first store has beena tremendous success; at the request of his customers, he recently expanded the store byadding a deli counter. The deli offers a wide range of pre-made side dishes as well assandwiches for the lunch crowd.

This was partially due tothe layout of the store. In order to expand the business, Sid purchased an adjacent storefor the new deli counter. In effect, it is two separate stores with a connecting doorway.This resulted in two lines forming, one at each counter, and resulted in some customerconfusion. Although he realized he had a problem, he was unable to develop a logical andinexpensive solution. Shortly after this, Sid was contacted by a local university lookingfor short-term IE projects.  In order to eliminate this problem, Sidinstalled two customer number devices, one for each counter. Now, when customersenter the single entry door, they must choose which line they wish to enter. They walkapproximately 20 feet to obtain a customer number, then another 20 feet to enter theappropriate line at the counter they have chosen. Customer numbers are calledsequentially and customers wait for their numbers to be called before they are served. Ifcustomers want to make purchases at both counters, they must follow this procedure atboth counters.

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