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The county health department

 The county health department

Assignment 2: Required Assignment 2—PSA Submission: Letter and PowerPoint

In this assignment, you review all your work and, using instructor feedback, finalize and submit your PSA for your selected public health problem.

Here are the components you need to include:

  • In M1: Assignment 3, you selected a public health problem to examine throughout your course project.
  • M2: Assignment 1, you explored funding sources for your PSA.
  • M2: Assignment 2, you defined and described the extent of the public health problem and contributing factors.
  • M3: Required Assignment 1, you created a MAPP model for the public health problem.
  • M4: Assignment 2, you explained your plan for designing a culturally competent PSA.
  • M5: Required Assignment 2, you submit your PSA.

You agree with this premise, but also fear that some public health activities may actually suffer in such a consolidation.

For this assignment, you are to complete a:

  1. Letter (approximately 2–3 pages) to the editor of an appropriate publication of your choice that clearly states your position and includes your rationale and relevant evidence. Include adequate research on the risks and benefits of regionalizing public health. Identify the publication for which you will write the letter. Be sure to research constraints the publication has for letters to the editor.
  2. PowerPoint (PPT) presentation (approximately 5–7 slides) to deliver to the board to gather support for your previously created letter. The PPT presentation should explain what you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of the consolidation. Include detailed speaker notes to explain each slide.


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