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Case study on art

2 pages essay about an art piece. the picture of the piece is attach with this post. please to make sure to include the following, 1/ what drew you about the piece(subject,color,style,,,) 2/what the artist is trying to talk about 3/what makes this art note: the picture was taken at the art Museum in Springfield, MO, USA, make sure to include that. make it sound like it’s not from an english native speaker. and no plagiarismGouache is an opaque watercolor paint whose use can be traced back to some 800years ago is continuously appreciated and used by few artists that use it as a primary painting medium, unlike others who use it occasionally as a diversion from their other primary mediums. The name originates from an Italian word “guazzo”, meaning “water paint.” It is said to be an opaque watercolor since the pigment to water ratio is usually high. It has a tendency of drying very fast other than its property of colors that are light and dark becoming intense in value after drying (Parker, 2009).
The picture of this piece was taken at the Art Museum in Springfield, MO, USA. The art piece ‘a win and a loss’, done by Margaret Harrell, shows a painting of a hawk with a dead snake in its claws while standing on an anemometer. It is a gouache painting on paper done by paying a lot of attention to details and painting in layers from dark to light parts. My love for paintings on nature and its ecosystem draws me to this painting. The artist being a lover of birds explores her interest through the painting.
The artist conveys the use of texture on the flat surface by creating a softly stippled background through employing in a subtle basket weave a mix of crosshatching technique that is precise and delicate. As opposed to the use of transparent watercolor, her use of gouache makes it easier for her to use thin transparent washes as for the case of the background and thicker more opaque washes having strokes similar to oils for the hawk. The details on the piece have been clearly brought out, and her use of colors similar to real appearances shows how well her interaction with nature is deep (Springfield Art Museum, 2015).
Depending on how light falls on the painting, value helps differentiate the light and dark parts. Balance is associated with the ratio of the painting to the working paper that the artist has clearly developed. Moreover, the subjects in the painting are in sync to one another. Since paper is the medium used, the artist manipulates gouache paint carefully on it to avoid cracking when applied too thickly. She shows how well she can work with gouache on paper
The artist is conveying a very important message from this painting. The painting is titled, ’a win and a loss’ indicating a happy and sad feeling respectively. Hawks are known to be powerful birds of prey. The hawk having fended for itself and gotten a prey, the snake, which is going to be its meal indicates a win for it because it does not have to go hungry. On the other hand, the loss implied in the title is of the snake since it is prey to the hawk.
My expressive interpretation of the painting is a metaphor for real life scenarios. There is a moment when one experience a loss, not necessarily death, but situations that inflict pain on someone and there are moments that one prospers or succeeds which calls for a change in mood since happiness is the only feeling one has after a win. It is what life is all about, and one has to accept.
Art is meant to create some mood in someone when they come in contact with it. For a piece to be defined as art, there are certain properties that are put in consideration. Elements of art including form, line, shape, texture, and color are used and properties such as unity, repetition, balance, contrast, dominance, rhythm, variety embraced. The piece fully incorporates all this aspects and, therefore, qualifies to be a work of art.

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