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Wild Life Sydney Zoo(Tourism)

Wild Life Sydney Zoo(Tourism)


You are required to write a short summary and Essay on one local attractions drawing on their observations.

You will be required to summarise the key points observed and explain how these points relate to at least two of the following theories, frameworks or concepts (ideas) discussed in weeks 1 – 4:-

Push Factors; (Part A)

Pull or Resistance Factors; (Part A)

The Tourism System; (Part B)

Tourist Criteria and/or Purpose of Visit (Part B)

Part A (due in Week 4: 11/08/2017) Summary

Part A should be 200 – 300 words in length and is worth 8% of your total assessment. For Part A, you should find and review on one local attractions. Your submission should include the following:-

A Title Page with your name and student number, the subject code and title, the name of the lecturer/tutor, and the title of the assessment;

The title and Photo/photos of Local Attractions ( Sydney Tower, Sydney Habourd bridge, The Rock, Sport team, Zoo, Museum parks,…). If you have photo please reference that where you get that photo too.

A summary of the key points of the Local Attractions in your observations;

An explanation of what “Push” factors that are observed to increase Tourism Demand for the chosen local attraction.

An explanation of what “Pull or Resistance” factors are observed to increase Tourism Demand for the chosen local attraction.

A reference list and in-text referencing in APA Referencing Style with a minimum of two (2) references, including an academic reference (e.g. one of the prescribed texts).

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