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The United States Navy Seals

The $ 500 million dollar man: He who dares, wins.
The United States Navy Seals have a quote that equivocally states that He, who dares, usually wins. This is what Toby Keith has done in the past 20years. He dared to follow his dream to become a country music star. Toby Keith is one of the lucky few country musicians to win an Academy and amongst the most accomplished, successful songwriter and country music star of his time and age.
His story is that of a humble beginning. Toby never started playing or writing music until he owned a guitar. In fact, Toby never had dreams of becoming a musician. Her grandmother wanted him to work in the oil fields in Oklahoma. In fact, Toby Keith has an honorary degree from the Villanova University after which he had to become a petroleum engineer in Oklahoma. Toby Keith fell in love with country music when he used to play music at his grandmother’s bar. Later on, he would get funds and move to greater stages in Oklahoma City.
Toby was creative ever since he was a young kid, His teachers in middle school testify to the fact that he possessed great writing mastery at his tender age. He admits he has been successful as a songwriter, with his first debut single “Should have been a cowboy” topping the Billboard magazine in the year of release. His passion and dedication, he admits has seen him sail through in his music career. He reveals that he has been successful because he strives to bring his character, attitude, and personality into life through his creative songwriting and singing abilities.
Having a conversation with him, revealed how fruitful and industrious he has been in a span of 25 years; he has managed to immerse 500 million dollars of wealth. His success story inspires majority of the youths in Oklahoma and the nation at large. All this did not come in an instant; He stresses that sheer discipline and dedication hugely contributed to his success. He explains that he never used to sit around and do nothing. He says he had many sleepless nights pursuing his passion now and then. He says that there are no short cuts towards success and insists that an individual has to sacrifice a lot achieve his goals.
Toby unequivocally states “It’s about baby steps and moving towards your goal. First having the guts to have that objective even and then steadily moving towards it. Toby believes that the most important part of being successful is the ability to delay an individual’s self-satisfaction — and be able to work for a substantial amount of time without expecting pay. He is an excellent example of this ideal. In the 1990s, Toby Keith left for Tennessee where he joined a band with the hope of getting a short at a record signing with one of the greatest record signing labels in the city. He distributed demo tapes they had recorded with his band to major record labels only to be turned down. He went back to Oklahoma feeling frustrated and depressed. He never gave up; he went on writing and distributing his music in Oklahoma until lack struck him. That is why he believes that individuals have to make lots of sacrifices before they get their rewards
He also believes that connections and relationships are fundamental aspects of the success. He emphasizes the point that it is not about whom you know rather than who knows you in this world. He states that being successful requires surrounding you with trustful and reliable individuals. He reveals that all his life, and he has put effort to surround himself with people who have aided him nature his talent; Individuals like Harold shed, on mercury records executive that produced his debut single.
He shares with me that individuals are all unique in various aspects, but what determines whether an individual becomes a successful is the ability to determine what makes him or her unique. Toby emphasizes that determining one’s personal capacity and competencies enabled him to become one of the best songwriters of this day and age.
As much works hard on his music, he reveals that he also plays hard. During his free time, he takes his time to support the University of Oklahoma sports. Also importantly, he is an adamant profession wrestling fun. In fact in the past Oklahoma wrestling shows, he has committed to perform for all the WWE supporters.
He is a staunch Democrat party supporter. He has supported the former president George W Bush election and President Obama by presenting and urging his followers to support them. In addition, he has supported the US redeployment from Iraq. Additionally, the father of three believes in giving back to the society; and that is why he supports Ally’s House that is a non-profit organization that is based in Oklahoma that was set up to help kids that suffered from cancer. Keith says that this type of charity is special to him because he has experienced how a child’s cancer diagnosis can stress a family. Additionally, he worked with Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization that works to restore music in United States schools in public schools. He says that music has given him all what he has and therefore it is important to take care and help other individuals in need.

In summary, Keith’s music and multiple businesses have transformed him into one of the wealthiest individuals in Oklahoma City. In fact, Forbes magazine recently revealed that Keith was worth 500 million dollars

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