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The most important facts

The most important facts

1. Summarize the most important facts (use bullet points for this)
2. Conduct a S.W.O.T. Analysis – highlight the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – from competition, within the organization, etc.
3. Present ONLY 2 issues and 2 options
4. Make UP TO 2 recommendations and defend it or them.
5. Keep your case write-up to 4 pages or less and make sure the document is double-spaced.

Case Study Assignment MKT3600 (ONLINE)

Hi everyone,
Here is your case study assignment. In this assessment, you will be applying new product theory and
undertaking research to analyse the innovation occurring within one of Australia’s biggest
companies. Please choose one of the following businesses as a platform to use to answer the
following four questions. Your case study should not be more than 2000 words, or approximately
500 words per question (not including references or appendices). You should show evidence of
research and integrate new product development concepts into your answers. It can be presented in
report form and an introduction and conclusion is not necessary.

Strong answers will show support
from academic sources – particularly academic journal articles and/or textbooks. You will also need
to support discussion by analysing the website, social media, and other sources associated with the

Please choose one of the following businesses:

• Commonwealth Bank
• Tassal Salmon
• A2 Milk
• Domino’s Pizza
• Fortescue Metals
• Rio Tinto
• Telstra
1. Imagine that you are the marketing manager for your chosen business. Through applying at
least one idea generation technique (lecture week 2), develop a new product for your
business. Justify through using new product theory and showing an understanding of the
business’ values and target market why your product is a good idea.

2. Evaluate the strength of your business’ brand. What are its strengths, potential weaknesses,
and how does this impact on its ability to be innovative

3. Choose a recent new product that your business has created. Discuss how the product can
be classified (e.g. new to world) and for what reasons do you believe the product will
ultimately be an ongoing success or result in failure.

4. What do you consider are the most important external factors in ensuring the ongoing
success of your business

Assignment 1: Case Study into Innovation in a Leading Business.

Due by Turnitin Submission: Due 5.00pm WST Friday 15 September 2017. Accuracy of answers 40%
Weighting: HD D CR P F
The student has
shown clear and deep
understanding of the
questions asked, and
has provided strong,
convincing answers to
the questions. The
answers are well
developed and
/ 8

Application of principles and research 40%
The student has
integrated a range of
New Product

concepts into the
answers. These
concepts are applied
deeply, with strong
individual thought,
and go beyond
description. The
answers are supported
by strong research
from both commercial
and academic
/ 8

Professionalism 20%
The case study is
professionally with
accuracy in
referencing, spelling,
grammar, and sound
academic expression.
/ 4

ECU Grading Criteria
To help you understand your grade for this assignment and put it in the context of others, please refer to the
grading criteria for each level, listed below.
Grades Coverage Depth &
Critical Elements Presentation Language &
High Distinction

All aspects of the
question/ topic were
addressed and
researched in great
The written work shows
great depth of thought,
excellent development of
argument, logical analysis
and insight into the subject
All aspects of the written work
conform to a high academic/
professional standard
Most aspects of the
question/ topic were
addressed and
researched in some

The written work shows
some evidence of analysis
supported by logical
argument and insight into
the subject
Most aspects of the written
work conform to a high
academic / professional
Credit Pass

Most aspects of the
question/ topic were
addressed and
researched adequately
The written work shows
evidence of elementary
analysis and the
development of argument
Most aspects of the written
work conform to an
acceptable academic /
professional standard
Basic aspects of the
question /topic were
addressed and
researched adequately
The written work is mainly
descriptive, showing basic
understanding of the topic
The written work displays
basic structure
<50% Responses were superficial and /or inadequately addressed the question The written work demonstrates limited understanding of the topic The written work is not of an academic / professional standard

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