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The Merits of Privatization

The Merits of Privatization

Respond to the following statements in a three to four page paper:
Discuss the rationale for privatizing state and federal government services as a viable alternative to taxpayer-supported public services. Be sure to address both alternatives using at least two pros and two cons of privatization.
Discuss what services you believe government at the state and federal levels should not be privatizing, and provide a rationale explaining why those services do not belong in the private sector.
Discuss which government services should be reviewed to see if privatization makes sense as a viable, cost-effective alternative. Be sure to give at least one example with support.
Analyze the degree to which privatization negatively impacts citizens. Describe how the cost savings originating from privatization negate any disadvantages caused by government abandoning the provision of certain services.
Discuss the degree to which private entities are held accountable for the services they provide for the government. Consider who, ultimately, is responsible if privatized services fail to match the quality or consistency of formerly government-provided services.
Discuss which entity will be responsible if privatized services fail to match the quality or consistency of formerly government controlled services. How easy or difficult would it be for privatized functions to be returned to government if privatization does not work
Submit your three- to four-page paper.

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