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The civil engineering .

The civil engineering .

Part 1 :

Use the CFR to locate 5 relevant citations (location to meaning) and then 5 relevant meanings in the CFR (meaning to location).

Selects 5 places in the 1926 CFR and note the following:

The correct reference only (no text– only the way the citation is noted, e.g., 29 CFR 1926.501(1)).
Determine in 25 words or less what this citation in (1) above actually means
part 2:


In the same manner as the previous assignment about CFR citations, name and describe at least five (5) important aspects of Subpart c in 29 CFR 1926.,

Correct reference only.
Determine in 25 words or less what this citation in (1) above actually means.
For example:

29 CFR 1926.20 (b) 2
Such programs shall provide for frequent and regular inspections of the job sites, materials, and equipment to be made by competent persons designated by the employers.
part 3 :

Download the attached file “SAFM 470 Abstract Protocol.” In a maximum of three pages, prepare an abstract (summary of key points) on Subpart C according to the guidelines included in the abstract protocol.

Some things to keep in mind while you work on this assignment:

You will probably experience difficulty with abstracts at first, but this goes away with practice.
Simpler is better; there is no need to write ten pages on a subpart because an abstract summarizes the key points
The important part to each abstract is 4.3: EHS duties. If the EHS manager is responsible for training at your place of employment, that duty does there; if the EHS manager selects the competent person, the duty goes there;if the EHS manager performs the frequent and regular inspections, the duty then goes in 4.3. Remember that upper management and middle management typically have very few hands-on type EHS duties.
last part :
A- What one theme seems to run through the top ten OSHA violations in construction? Write a post addressing this subject, and then comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts.


In the following eleven (11) images provided by OSHA, you are going to see photos of hazards that should be obvious to you by Week 4, but which may have multiple smaller hazards embedded. Your job is to name at least one (and hopefully more) hazard to workers for each image. Check other students’ posts to see if anyone spotted anything different than you.

Image 1

Photo of a job built ladder.

Image 2

Photo of a worker using a ladder on a residential roof.

Image 3

Photo of a worker on a roof.

Image 4

Photo of a worker climing a job-built ladder carrying pipes.

Image 5

Photo of two workers on a residential roof.

Image 6

Photo of a worker working in roof rafters.

Image 7

Photo of several workers working on a building.

Image 8

Photo of workers on a roof.

Image 9

Photo of bricks on a scaffold.

Image 10

Photo of a worker working on a roof.

Image 11

Photo of workers on a scaffold

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