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Technical Report Video Presentation

Technical Report Video Presentation

 Accounting Systems (Acct2000) Semester 2, 2017

Assignment: Technical Report Video Presentation
To be completed individually or in a group of up to 3 students
(All group members must be from the same tutorial)
Value: This assessment task accounts for 20% of the final mark.

Task: Record a video presentation on an assigned Accounting Systems related topic:
a) Each student must present & appear in the video for at least 3 minutes & total length of the video should not exceed: if 1 student: 5 minutes;
if a group of 2 students: 8 minutes; or if a group of 3 students: 12 minutes.

b) Video submissions must be made in MP4 format and downloaded to a USB drive or DVD. The USB or DVD must be attached or in a plastic envelop with your marking guide and reference list. Only 1 submission per group (1 video handed in per group).
c) Each group must hand in one marking guide plus a hardcopy list of references used to address your topic, to their tutor with each group member’s name & student number clearly completed. Referencing should be in Chicago style of referencing.

*In week 1 or 2, your tutor will assign you a topic.
Your video presentation must include the following:
1. Introduction
a. Introduce each group member
b. State your topic
c. Outline the structure of your talk & who will do what
2. Discussion
a. Address your topic
b. Be selective – you can chose part of the topic to address
c. The right amount of detail is what will fit in the time you have

d. Look at the marking guide – addressing your topic is only part of the marks
3. Conclusion
a. Sum up the key points of your talk
b. Say “goodbye”
4. References
a. Using material without acknowledgment (referencing) is plagiarism (cheating), using other people’s material and referencing (saying where you got it) is good research! You must also hand in a hard copy of your list of references (1 list per group).

b. Your reference list should also be included at the conclusion of your video. If you can’t work out how to edit your video to put in a list of credits/ references then hold up a sheet of paper, with a list of references, to the camera. Material to help you

• The marking guide and a rubric with further explanation on the allocation of marks are available on Blackboard and attached to this document.
• Example videos about general presentation skills and using video software are available in the Assignment tab of Blackboard.
• Various instructions on how to use editing software are contained in the Assignment tab of Blackboard.
• Search on line for other guides.

• Your tutor will help you if you have any questions about your topic but the choice of software and recording devices you use is up to you and although we demonstrate some video editing packages for you we cannot teach you how to use them.
• A number of video cameras are available for use by Bentley students on a short term basis (a maximum of 24 hours).

These can be loaned from the School of Accounting Reception area by students currently enrolled in the unit. You need to provide your student ID card to be held by the reception area until the camera is returned. Students are responsible for any damage to the cameras while they are in their care. Video files in MP4 format can be directly downloaded onto an SD card.

1. The marking guide (1 per group) and the hardcopy of the reference list must be submitted to your tutor’s mailbox before the deadline. Mailboxes are situated at the School of Accounting level 4 Building 407.
2. The soft copy of your video (1 video submission per group) must be submitted in MP4 format and downloaded to a USB drive or DVD and attached or in a plastic envelop with your hardcopy from point 1 above.
Late submissions will be subjected to penalties (please refer to unit outline for more details).

1. How do I decide what topic I should use for my video
Your tutor will provide you with a topic in your tutorial in week 1 or 2.
2. What device should I use to record my video
You can record your video using any device capable of recording in MP4 format; this includes your phone, pad, video camera or webcam. The video must be downloaded from the device before submission. The video cannot be marked from your device.

3. What editing software should I use to edit my video
You can edit your video using any video editing software you wish but you must produce the final version in MP4 format. Some free packages you could consider are:
– Wondershare
– Windows Movie Maker
Have a look at this website for other ideas and a critique of free editing software: http://ift.tt/2eUSFmL
4. I used a free editing package and it has placed a “watermark” on the final version of my video – what do I do
Nothing – as long as your tutor can still see & hear what you have done through the water mark then you will not be penalised.

5. Will how to use the editing software be explained in class
No. We do encourage you to use editing software as it is a useful skill but we cannot provide support for editing software. Sample videos are given to help you with presentation skills and to show you the benefits of editing, but it is up to you to learn how to use the software you choose.

6. How do I get help on using editing software
Some material is provided in Blackboard and a demonstration is provided during the lecture but you will need to find other resources to help you. Depending on the software you have chosen to use there is usually learning videos and other resources available through u-tube, the product vendor’s website, or other internet sources.

7. How do I get help on the topic I have to present
Your tutor will be able to help you with your topic. However, do not expect your tutor to do your research for you. Your tutor will be more helpful if you demonstrate you have made an effort to research your topic before you ask for help. At the University level you should be able to research a topic with minimal assistance from your tutor.

8. What format should I submit my video in
MP4 – if you submit in another format and it does not run on your tutor’s computer then it cannot be marked. If you wish for some reason to submit in another format then you must check with your tutor first to test for compatibility and get permission. It is your responsibility to ensure your submission can be viewed and marked.
9. My video requires a special viewer or application to be downloaded to enable it to be viewed – is this OK
NO – your video must be capable of being viewed without your tutor having to download any additional software.
10. What do I hand in

You submit the following – ONLY ONE PER GROUP:
– The electronic copy of your video in MP4 format on a USB drive or DVD attached securely to your marking guide or included in a plastic envelop with your marking guide. They must be together.
– The hardcopy of the marking guide – with student details completed
– A hardcopy of your references (attached to your marking guide)

11. How do I submit my work

Your electronic copy of the video should be submitted in MP4 format on a USB drive or DVD – make sure you keep a backup copy! Don’t forget if your work is misplaced or cannot be played it is your responsibility to provide a backup copy. Full details of submission can be found in the “assignment” tab on Blackboard. The hardcopy of the group marking guide and references with your USB drive or DVD securely attached should be handed direct to your tutor (before the due date) or placed in your tutor’s mailbox on level 4 of building 407 (before the due date).

12. Can I choose my own group for the assignment
Yes – but they must be from the same tutorial as you, and there can be no more than three per group.
13. Do I need to actually appear in the video
Yes – each member of your group must be shown & speak in the video for at least 3 minutes each. You may be replaced on screen for a reasonable time by effects or diagrams etc. If you do not appear and speak you have not presented and you will be awarded no marks.

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