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AT and T Case Study

AT and T Case Study

In this step, you need to find out the questions “how” and “why” of AT&T’s problems. Start with reading what has been written about it. In your reading assignment this week, two of the references deal with AT&T’s problems are listed below.
In Strategy Shift, AT&T to Split Into 3 Firms
AT&T: Flagship or Titanic Struggles to Join New Economy
Use these as a start and to give you an overview of the issues AT&T faced. These articles, along with others you will find in your research and on the Web, should allow you to answer the “how” and “why” of the situation and their actions in handling it.
Name: Your name (please, no D number)

Date: Date of submittal

Title: Topic title here

The aims, context, and things you think are linked to the topic. You can use the information in the Case Study content item as a start.

Research Review

What were the results of your investigation and what answers do they give you You could insert images, tables, or graphs that support your observations.

What were the results of your investigation and what answers do they give you You should refer back to the original topic that you stated in the Introduction.

You may have some references that you talked about in the main case study. It could be a DFES document, it could be a newspaper article, or it could be a web page. This is the section where you carefully say where the reader can find that information. It’s a burdensome area where you will have to follow the rules as closely as possible.

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