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Synthesis and Evaluation

Reflective Journal: Synthesis and Evaluation
To my knowledge, I have always thought that evaluation is only used to giving students grades after the end of an academic year. But to the contrary evaluation serve several essential functions in the education sector. Throughout the text, the general function of evaluation comes out clearly and fits my reasoning in that; it is a critical factor in assessing whether the course objectives have been achieved both by the teacher and students.
As a teacher, this is critical as it challenges me to ensure that I formulate plans and set objectives that when critically evaluated will register positive outcome. Being a teacher, it is my role to ensure my students meet their set objectives by adhering to the course curriculum. Therefore, evaluation is the best technique to use when dealing with students as it serves to compare different learning programs, diagnose students, measure whether objectives have been achieved, and revise the learning curriculum and in anticipation of educational needs (Eisner evaluation, pg1). To ensure that curriculum meet student expectations, the need for improvement and modification arises. Therefore evaluation ensures programs are constantly revised and evaluated so as to accommodate new learning skills that might improve students’ welfare.
In my learning environment, all these techniques that fit under evaluation can be incorporated so as to influence the performance of students. For instance, I would apply the technique of diagnoses while teaching and then later determine if my diagnosis during class work worked when I gauge students at the end of the course work. It is for sure that various topic and distinction arises when addressing the topic of evaluation. One such issue that should be addressed is whether the whole issue of evaluation work only to benefit the student or whether it benefits both the student and the teacher.
Eisner Evaluation, The Function and Forms of Evaluation


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