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The sorrows and joys of a marriage

 The sorrows and joys of a marriage

This is a literary analysis of two stories, the Secret Sorrow and the sorrowful woman by Gail Godwin. A systematic analysis has been conducted on the two stories to identify any similarities between them together with the different aspects presented by the two stories on the concept of happiness and sorrow in marriage. The factual presentation of this topic presents an illustration of literacy analysis in identification of literary devices and how the impact on the story.
This Secret sorrowstory demonstrates how life can change from happy living to a sad life and finally back to a happy living. This is a story in which the central character by the name Faye breaks up with one of his friends Greg. Earlier on, Faye had gotten an accident in which she got a permanent internal injury which also contributed widely to the decision to quit her job and also break up with Greg, her friend. After the accident and the break up, the fate of Faye remains unknown. The permanent internal injury affects he ability to give birth.
Faye explores other options to continue with the normal business. She shifts to live in the house of her brother Chuck house where she meets yet another man by the name Kai. He was a great and trusted friend to her brother to an extent of even be the person to carry the keys to Chuck’s house. Faye’s brother had entrusted all he had in his house to Kai who managed it on his behalf as a trustee. After a deep persistence and convincing, Faye finally accepts to marry Kai and the future brightens up despite the fact that Faye could not give birth and there is no way she could have children of her own.
The story of a Sorrowful woman by Gail Godwin illustrates a woman who was never happy in her life together with her husband and their little boy. The woman is stressed up by the nature of daily chores in the house which quite often wear her out and the duties over burden her to an extent of affecting her social and family life.
The Body
Comparison of the two stories
A secret sorrow is a story illustrating the agony of a young lady whose life is messed up by forces beyond her control. Her ability to become pregnant is impaired by an accident she is involved in which causes serious internal injuries. She is not willing to share such facts to anyone and this result to a break up with her friend.
In the time she is living in her brother’s house, she gets to meet another man who intends to marry her despite the fact that she can’t bear children. It takes quite a lot of time to convince her to finally accept to marry him and that they will share the problem together; though she advices him to get married to another woman so that they can have children together. She fears disappointing any one by her inability to give birth.
Kai, a stubborn and persistent young man, insists on marrying her arguing that he loves her but not her procreating ability. Faye is evoked by Kai’s persistent to a point that she finally accepts to marry him. It is worth noting that they finally have a happy family since they opts for adoption of children. Faye’s future is revived with Kai and she can see a future with children.
In the event the husband is away for work they would call one baby sitter whom they used to employ. She could take on the duty of playing with the child since his mother isn’t happy to see the little boy follow her all the time. The woman latter fires the girl and the husband has to take charge of the daily chores. He has to take care of the child, take him to school and latter pick the boy from school.
Contrasting the two stories
In the secret sorrow story, Faye in exceedingly unhappy and sorrowful in her heart. This condition is brought about by the fact that she cannot give birth because of the accident with severely injured her internal system and affected her capacity to carry pregnancy. She even fears to get married with the believe that she will disappoint the husband by the lack of children.
The two stories bring out a contradictor position as the nature of a marriage. In one story it is a source of joy while in the other story it brings sorrow in the house. It is interesting to see how each story is build up and the conclusion point. This leads to a concluding remark that presence of children in a marriage does not always lead to happiness and absence of children in a marriage does not always lead to sorrow. In the secret sorrow story, the Aki appreciates and understands the fact Faye has had her systems impaired and she cannot be pregnant and give birth. He is more interested in a happy family which is not dependent on the child bearing status of his wife. They both share the burden and accept the carry equal weight on such a matter as it was not the fault of any one.
The presence of a child in the second story poses difficulties in the family and strains the marriage to an extent of break up.

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