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Complete a web search to find an article, cartoon, or advertisement that conveys an image or message related to sexuality and aging. Examine the medium’s portrayal of sexuality in older adults by answering the following questions. Also, attach or provide the url of your article, cartoon, or advertisement with your assignment submission.
What is the message of the article, cartoon, or advertisement

What examples of physiological, psychological, or social aspects of sexual development are conveyed Explain.

The stereotyping associated with sexuality and aging population is pervasive. They both affect the independence of an individual in the society. Moreover, the independence of a person does not depend on the sex or the age of the person. Gender disparity debates and views have always provided a battlefield contest irrespective of the age.

The manly figure approach in the family always extends to the work stations leaving the women looked down upon everywhere. Dating back to the Biblical creation story, the woman personality is viewed to be second to man. This stereotype has grown nerves into the heads of individuals(Jacobson and Mazur p.47. The press media specifically on advertisement has infamously portrayed women with a lot of prejudice as objects of sexual gratification.

In contemporary times the population of the aging people is shooting up with each passing day. Cases of individuals reaching average age of 65 years and even surpassing the ninth and tenth decades are prevalent (Jacobson and Mazur p.67). With Morality and ethics put in their position and considering the ever increasing population of the old people, the standards of the core systems should be of top notch and no compromise.  Stories told about the centers by the social media make many of them dread ever stepping there let alone getting older.

With that in mind, it becomes imperative for the advertising news media agents to integrate the best mode that will sell to the audience. This marks an era of moral degradation and inequality even in the aging population centers. However there is no otherwise as the products have to sell lest the companies close

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