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The role of schooling in society.

The role of schooling in society.

Books Required Introduction to Sociology 9th Edition Author: Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Richard P. Appelbaum, & Deborah Carr ISBN: 978-0393922233 Publisher: W. W. Norton (2014)

You will accomplish this by writing a 6- 10 pages APA formatted paper Choose one topic. You need to use it as your title.

1. Describe sociological thinking of families and how it has changed over time.

2. Analyze patterns of marriage, childbearing, and divorce.

3. Recognize alternatives to traditional marriage and family patterns.

4. Discuss sociologists’ explanations for achievement gaps between different groups of students.

5. Describe sociological perspectives on the role of schooling in society.

6. Identify whether education reduces or perpetuates inequality and how social/cultural influences impact educational achievement.

7. Identify current educational issues that concern sociologists.

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