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Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics


1.Unanticipated inflation harms the country because it creates winners and losers in the economy. If my employer and I agreed to a 5 percent increase in my wage, and inflation was supposed to be 4 percent, and inflation actually turns out to be 4 percent, then my employer and I are both satisfied. On the other hand, if inflation turns out to be 7 percent, my wage will decrease making me a loser and my employer a winner. Firms must anticipate the inflation as well as guess how the value of United States currency will change compared to other currencies.

2. I enjoyed your input and thought on the topic. I feel the best understanding of inflation and the affects its having today is the current housing market where i live. The supply is lower than the demand and rising costs are climpbing that its a sellers market which puts that 15-20% above fair market value.


1, I would think John could sue Susan to recover damages. He went through all that trouble to have a nice evening and she forgot. He spent money on a clothes, flowers and gifts plus the time to get ready not to mention aggravation when she was not at home. I would sue Susan too for mental anguish and embarrassment. I would want my money back. It was a contacted for a date it was confirmed as a date. Although there wasn’t a signed contract it was considered a verbal contract that a date and time was set for a date. Susan broke that verbal contract by not showing up.

2. I feel like he really has nothing to sue her for. There was an element of the offer to eat dinner. The intent was just dinner, not a date so this would also be a large group for dinner maybe. Yes she is wealthy and single but he wanted to impress her he should of called or spoke to her to confirm it if he was willing to buy things for it. There was no formal contract and she voided the contract by not being home. However, she did set a certain time and date which means she should of known where to be at that time. So this makes her look bad in the courts eyes as the third party.

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