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Outline and Bibliography

Outline and Bibliography

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Outline must include the following:

· A clear purpose for your overall proposal

· The solution that you are proposing

· A plan for implementing the solution

· A conclusion.

· You should also indicate possible sources to back up each point.

Annotated Bibliography

three scholarly sources that you may use in your proposal to support your discussion of the problem or the solution. Also one of your sources for the annotated bibliography will need to be an actual interview. One suggestion would be to interview your HR manager at your job regarding the diversity problem you selected for your paper and get their perspective on the problem. You can also interview a neighbor, friend, coworker, etc. The key is to discuss the diversity issue you chose for your project with someone to help you get ideas on how to resolve the problem.

Paper is written in regards to identifying a diversity issue within an organization. Summarize the problem or opportunity that you have identified. Make sure to include the following in your paper:

· Provide an overview of the organization

· Describe the problem facing the organization that’s related to diversity.

· Discuss why this is a problem.

· Discuss the impact of this issue on the well-being of their employees.

· What are the potential ramifications if the organization doesn’t correct this issue?

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