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Organizational Change From Plant Moving

Organizational Change From Plant Moving

For your paper, you will consider a large organization like General Motors which has several locations (plants). You may use General Motors or any other company similar in size. For this paper imagine that the higher management of your plant has just been informed that the plant will close and about half of the employees will be moved to a different location across the country. There are about 1000 employees.

Some will be offered early retirements, some will be offered a move (if there is a job for them available at the new location) and others will be laid off. Write a paper about the expected organizational changes that will most likely occur. Go through the steps of this company as they prepare their people for this planned moved. Consider the period of two years for this complete shutdown to occur. Use a time line for what and how you would proceed. You are writing as top management but remember that you must include appropriate guidelines for your middle managers since they are the ones that will be addressing the employees on a daily basis.

Within your paper answer all the following questions:

1. Briefly summarize THREE key events of organizational change you expect during the transition.

2. How should the leaders handle the situations (key events), based on your knowledge of leading change You should use concepts and terminology found in the text or other reading from the course.

3. How did the environment affect how the leaders managed change This question is designed to help you understand how high stress, high demand situations may require different techniques than a “slower” and less stressful environment.

The paper should be in APA format and approximately 3-5 (not including title and reference pages) pages in the main body of the paper. Papers without at least 1050 words of text (not including title and reference page) will have deductions. Make sure you clearly show the answers to the above questions. If you use quotes in your paper you should have more than 1050 words to compensate for the quotes. Your paper should have at least two additional resources beyond the movie and the course text. Your references must have an author associated with them. Do not use information from the internet unless there is an author. Use scholarly articles.

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