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Non-Profit Engagement

 Non-Profit Engagement

Assume you are in a start-up stage of your non-profit with a mission for youth development and caring for the elderly (senior citizens). Your organization is working with youth and the elderly in the Park-hill Avenue, Staten Island, New York. The community is mainly immigrant refugees from West Africa that are in desperate need of assistance. You see the need and want to advance your ideas for this community by operating a Pre-K school in the community that might host about 200 kids.


· Prepare a cover letter of your intent

· A proposal (no more than ten pages) that includes:

1. Agency background (Mission, major activities, and credentials for carrying out project)

2. Project description: Brief statement of problem to be addressed

3. Goals and objectives

4. Who is served

5. Project activities

6. Expected outcome

7. Plan for measuring project results

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