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Key Decision-Making Criteria and Support Systems

Key Decision-Making Criteria and Support Systems

Question Details

NEED TO ANSWER ALL TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…also specify which answer goes to which discussion question

question 1

What are some examples of end-to-end business processes that a database project will affect? Which workplace departments would be effected and why? How would you translate them into a business use case? Please provide an example.

question 2

Today, airlines are struggling to stay in business and they look to cut down on costs wherever possible. Fewer flights are being scheduled, airplanes are more crowded, and airlines are overbooking flights. Many times passengers are left without seats, and frequent flyers regularly chose to give up their seats and delay their departures in exchange for free ticket vouchers. Also, passengers are being bumped from flights involuntarily more often. The purpose of overbooking is not to leave passengers without seats, but to compensate for the millions of no-shows that decrease the amount of expected revenue.

This week for your discussion, conduct further research on this issue and please comment on the following:

Do you feel that the decision support system utilized by airlines to overbook flights is working well?
Answer from the viewpoint of the airline.
Then answer from the viewpoint of the customer.
What organization, people, and technology factors are responsible for excessive bumping issues?
Be specific! Then provide thoughts and feedback on one other student’s post. How were your thoughts similar and different? What additional insight can you provide?

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