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Issues Facing the Construction Industry Today

Issues Facing the Construction Industry Today

Research Paper Assignment: Issues Facing the Construction Industry Today Outline Due: September 11, 2017 Research Paper Due: September 29, 2017 Class: The library assignment will be a 7-8 page research paper on an issue facing the Construction Management Industry Today. While I would like you all to have topics that concentrate on contract documents, I realize that finding enough research material may be challenging for some of the more specific topics. Therefore I offer the following suggestions: Shortage of qualified workers Small construction firms adopting technological advances in the industry Poor productivity and profitability Scheduling expectations verses reality Lack of Communication Unreliable Subcontractors Project complexity When to decline to bid a project Document Management software options available The importance of the trade scope of work (bid packaging) WMBE (Women and Minority Business Entity) participation in project: Everyone benefits! Scheduling Levels 1 through 5; benefits and challenges The preceding topics are only suggestions. Please feel free to submit any topic related to the construction management field. The purpose of this research paper is to challenge the student to perform the required research and develop and submit a well though-out document. Everyone who enters the construction management or architectural field must have the ability to develop ideas and present them for review. To that end, following directions and preparing a paper that is well researched, follows the appropriate format, list all citations and provide the appropriate references is essential. Many times throughout my career, regardless of my level within an organization, I often had to prepare a white paper or make a formal presentation to someone higher up on the ladder than me. Being able to develop a successful argument and position was essential to my success; and it will a requirement for your success as well. For this research paper, you will be following the APA format. I have included a link that will provide the specific information you will need. I will also provide a PDF version of the APA power point presentation when this assignment is posted. This document includes many of the more basis requirements. The APA format is to be utilized for all parts of this research paper, including the Outline. Every paper should have a title page, abstract main body and references. There are APA rules on how each page is to be set up……and they need to be followed. In my previous courses, many students simply ignored the APA formats and as a result, they lost a lot points before I even had the opportunity to review the document. Therefore as Praemonitus said in 1592, forewarned is being forearmed. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ The Library assignment should include a. Title Page Page 1 b. Abstract Page 2 c. Introduction, explanations and conclusion Pages 3 6 or 7 d. Reference Page; do not forget to cite the resources Page 7 or 8 A hard copy of all research papers are to be submitted on September 29, 2017. In addition you to email me a live version of your research paper in the Word format the same day the research paper is submitted. No research paper will be graded until I have received this live file…..no exceptions. One final note; outlines are important and the best way to ensure that your research paper is well organized and thought out. Therefore failing to submit an outline by September 11, 2017 will automatically result in your losing 10 points off your total score.


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