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How is information shared across departmental boundaries

How is information shared across departmental boundaries

Get comfortable with a process perspective by applying the concepts in your reading to an actual organization.

Select a television network or film company with which you’re familiar and one in which you understand its inner workings. Select a process within that organization.

Hint: Remember the definition of a process is a collection of related tasks to achieve a defined business outcome. This can be at any level of the organization. Choose a process that is simple, but that crosses at least one boundary between departments. For example, paying for inventory, or hiring an employee.

Describe the process—a series of steps or a diagram might be helpful—and answer the following questions. Be as detailed as you can.
1. How is information shared across departmental boundaries?
2. What works right in this process?
3. If you ruled the world, what changes in the process would you recommend?

Please double space, write in essay format and properly cite where needed.

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