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Healthcare Error Assessment Report

Healthcare Error Assessment Report

Use the Library and the internet to identify a real-world example of a healthcare error that impacted patient safety.

Use the readings and your knowledge of risk management and quality/performance improvement to write a report to the chief executive and board of governors of this organization stating your assessment and recommendations for improvement.

Your report should describe this situation and the impact on patient safety:

Who was affected and how did it influence quality service delivery at this facility
How was this event handled by the healthcare leaders and internal stakeholders By external stakeholders
What recommendations do you have for performance improvement to prevent this situation or event from reoccurring


A minimum of four (4) scholarly peer-reviewed articles in addition to other course resources.
Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references.
In-text citation used throughout the assignment and APA-formatted reference list.
Please no plagiarism and sources should be 5 years or less.
Include headings organize the content in your work.

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