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The future of the retail store

 The future of the retail store

 Individual Assignment – Report

You need to submit your Individual assignment report electronically on the Blackboard.
Read the article “The future of the retail store”.
Select a retail store to be the focus of this assignment.
Briefly describe the current operation of this store.
You will search in the peer reviewed recent journal articles in ProQuest to find at least two articles relevant to the assignment.

The ideas from these articles will be incorporated into the discussion in the main assignment.
An attachment to the assignment will list the correct Harvard referencing of each of the journal articles and a brief outline of the key points in the journal article that are relevant to the assignment. Do not summarise the journal article. Identify the key points and briefly describe them and their relevance to the assignment.

You should review and refine your refinement and polishing of the ideas and the communication of ideas, prior to the submission of the report.
Your report must lead to recommendations on how this retail store can become more effective through the use of internet technologies.

The assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate that you have understood the concepts covered in the course, can apply them to a business situation and that you can enrich the discussion with ideas gleaned from Journal articles.

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