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The fundamental security design principles.

 The fundamental security design principles.


(4 Points Each) 1. List and briefly define the fundamental security design principles.

2. Describe the risk analysis approach and the steps in a detailed or formal risk analysis.

3. Describe the basic principles utilized in mandatory access control. How do these basic principles help MAC control the dissemination of information

4. What is a message authentication code

5. What is the security of a virtualization solution dependent upon What are some recommendations to address these dependencies


7. Describe the inference problem in databases. What are some techniques to overcome the problem of inference

8. Assume you have found a USB memory stick in the parking lot at work.

9. Explain why input validation mitigates the risks of SQL injection attacks.

10. What are the benefits and risks of server-side scripting

11. What is the difference between persistent and non-persistent cross-site scripting attacks

12. Briefly describe how Unix-like systems, including Linux, use filesystem quotas and process resource limits. What type of attacks are these mechanisms useful in preventing

13. Why are pharming and phishing attacks often used in concert with each other

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