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For this option, you must write an analysis of Sinclair Lewis’s novel, Babbitt. I would suggest that you try to focus on one or two specific themes that you feel warrant discussion (rather than trying to address multiple themes and implications, which would require a longer paper). For example, one could write about how the novel sheds light on: changing values in the progressive era; family relations; manhood/masculinity; class relations; conformity; gender relations; capitalism; middle-class identity; Americanism; or reform. These are just some examples, and you are free to focus on other themes. Choosing a specific theme allows you to impose parameters, which lends a paper focus and coherence. As well as a theme, you should think carefully about the particular writing tactics that Lewis uses to illuminate this theme. For example, one could focus on Lewis’s use of plot; characterization; point of view; symbolism; description; voice; imagery; language; tone; irony; or some other aspect of writing technique that you feel is important. Whatever your precise focus, you should use examples and quotes from the novel to illustrate your points.

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