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Educause learning initiatives

Educause learning initiatives

 “EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI’s) 7 Things You Should Know About … series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. Each brief focuses on a single technology or practice (Educause, 2013).”For this week’s journal entry, please select this link: https://library.educause.edu/search#q=7%20things%20you%20should%20know”7 Things You Should Know About…” to access the EDUCAUSE website. Browse the briefs listed on the page and select one brief (there are 92 to choose from) that you find interesting and would like to know more about.

The title of your brief MUST BEGIN WITH “7 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.”After you have selected and read the brief, please post the following in this week’s journal:1.A (2) paragraph summary of the technology or practice that you researched. Please include in your summary a few sentences about your impressions and opinion regarding the tool/practice and how you might be able to use it..2.Find a university or business that uses this tool/practice effectively. Look for lesson plans, articles, blogs, etc. that describe how the institution or business is using tool/practice.

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