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Developing a Data Collection Tool Introduction

Developing a Data Collection Tool Introduction

This week, you will begin your Mini-Project by developing an appropriate data collection tool. You will test your data collection tool and provide interview questions and field notes.On what do you base your predictions QUESTION: The assignment: Provide the interview questions and protocol. Provide field notes for each interview. In 3 to 5 pages: o Summarize the responses to the questions. o Analyze the responses.Where can the questions or protocol be improved  _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Required Resources Course Text: Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches o Chapter 7, “Data Collection” In this chapter, you will read about the process for collecting data, including forms of data, sampling strategies, recording procedures, and field issues. Course Text: Patton, M. Q. (2015). Qualitative research & evaluation methods (4th ed.).

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