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Databases and Business Intelligence

Databases and Business Intelligence

Assignment 1 (50 Marks total)
PART 1 and PART 2 will be handed in at different times in semester. See the schedule in the unit
plan to see when you submit each part.
Part 1 – Sales, Purchase and Stock Database System (25 marks)
Submit answers in a single MS-WORD file. Use headings to clearly separate each task.
You are required to create a simple stock control system with a small number of common sense
attributes. The system should contain the following information
• Inventory details
• Customer details
• Sales order details
• Supplier Details
• Purchase order details
So consider what stock control is needed when a customer raises a sales order or an inventory
manager within the organisation raises a purchase order.
You need to identify the tables you require and the information that they are to contain. It is
recommended that sale and purchase orders have header and line details tables.
This is only a small system, do not over-complicate it.
1. Design – Marks 10
Create a entity-relationship model drawn with MS WORD or POWER POINT if you prefer.
You are required to submit a print out of your database schema:
• Set of normalised tables – with your sample data.
• Indicate the table relationships using multiple keys; PK, FK, and SK using UML notation.
2. SQL – Marks 10
Use MYSQL to create the set of database tables of the relational database model and complete the
associated queries given.
1) Write all the SQL statements, necessary to create all tables and relationships, with Primary &
Foreign keys.
2) Execute each statement in the correct order so as to create the relational database in MYSQL
3) Insert some data into each table
Edith Cowan University
MAN6905 – Databases and Business Intelligence Assignment 2
4) Use all your SQL create and Insert statements (from MS Word) to execute in the MYSQL
5) Write in MS Word and execute in MYSQL WorkBench the statements necessary to;
i. display all tables,
ii. identify stock levels for items
iii. identify customer total expenditure
3. FORM – Marks 5
Using MS-ACCESS, link to the MYSQL database (see the instructions in MYSQL Connection from
ACCESS on Blackboard) and create forms to enter sales and purchase orders.
• No buttons are necessary, just what ACCESS generates to scroll forward, add a record etc.
• Make it clear what the forms do in the Form by adding text or headers.
• Note: If you don’t own MS-ACCESS, do this part of the assignment in the lab.
For this part of the assignment you are required to submit:
(a) A detailed database schema diagram drawn in Excel or PowerPoint
(b) The required SQL CREATE TABLE and SELECT statements
(c) The result of all SQL statements run in MYSQL Query Browser as screen shots to
demonstrate correct execution of the statements
(d) The required MS-ACCESS screen shots.
Part 2 – Business Intelligence (25 Marks)
Submit answers in a single MS-WORD file. Use headings to clearly separate each task.


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