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Creating a Plan of Care

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This discussion post begins with creating a plan of care, using the Plan of Care Template, for one of the two patients described below:

Client Madison is a 15-year-old who comes to the clinic to see the nurse. She is shy and embarrassed, but she confides that her new boyfriend asked her to come in to be tested. She is very much in love and he will not have physical contact with her until she is seen by someone. She is not sure why, but he mentioned chalmydia. 

Client Patricia is a 39-year-old who is employed as an administrator at the clinic. She is ready to start a family and has been trying to conceive for fourteen months. Her husband has a teenage son from a previous relationship, but he would like at least one child with her. She is becoming frustrated every month when she gets her menstrual period.  

Select from the following list of nursing diagnoses to use when developing your care plan:

  • Chronic sorrow
  • Ineffective health management
  • Powerlessness
  • Ineffective sexuality pattern
  • Readiness for enhanced knowledge
  • Impaired comfort
  • Social isolation

Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST.  Your responses are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.

Response to Others

After you have posted, read through the postings of your peers.  In response to at least two other students, select a patient different from your chosen patient. Suggest one additional intervention that would make the plan more patient-centered and provide a rationale for your suggestion.

Discussion Guidelines

Posts need to be written in a professional manner. The content should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Professionals communicate using correct grammar and spelling. It is acceptable to use a grammar or spelling editor prior to submitting your post. Language that is disrespectful or discourteous is not acceptable. Your posts should be of sufficient length to answer the question, but information that is extraneous or irrelevant will not strengthen your post.

The purpose of the discussion is to explore topics and to share information. Your original thought about the question is important. It is acceptable to use personal experiences from a professional standpoint. Your information and opinions should have support from the textbooks, professional position statements, and journals. It is not acceptable to copy and paste information from outside sources without using direct quotes. It is preferable to paraphrase information. When you restate the information in your own words by paraphrasing, you demonstrate that you have read about the topic and that it has meaning to you. You are showing that you can apply the information.


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