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Course research paper

Course research paper

This week, you will assemble at least five scholarly academic references that will be used to write your course research paper.  The focus should be on your specific research assignment. An approximate length for this bibliography is two to three pages.

For the past decades, we have seen computers that have been way too clunky in size to run the most basic of programs for programming’s sake. In this day and age we have motherboards and computing that could fit in one’s pocket, namely Micro-ATX boards and Raspberry PI’s. In the 80’s, it would take nearly one’s entire life’s fortune to run an arcade/coffee spot. Now with the Raspberry Pi, you can emulate the gaming machines of old and have more than enough to make end’s meat. For my course project I propose to talk about computing, size per processing power, where it began and where it has led up to.

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