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How the continuous improvement efforts through the use of action research can inform progress of a school

How the continuous improvement efforts through the use of action research can inform progress of a school

Educators and leaders alike are always looking for ways to improve student learning. One way to provide this improvement is through the use of action research. A problem is identified with a hypothesis of the possible outcomes following data and the outcomes of strategies of what works and what doesn’t work. In a book review of Action research for school leaders (by by Dean T.

How the action research implemented in this study will generally improve student learning

What are today’s students test-taking skills Are mini quizzes more effective than end of semester classes more effective for meeting the learning objectives for the course What are the alternative assignments and classroom assignments that equal to standardized tests The overall goal is to determine how students can demonstrate their learning without taking standardized summative test. By breaking down units with creative assignments, students will be able to attain and retain information for the long haul to put to use in the real world of work. By proving that student learning take place with more hands-on activities, maybe this will shed some light to the stake holders that standardized testing may not be the best option to determine student learning. Berkowitz, P. (2012) describes that ‘“School-level Action Research”… building or school-level action research teams frequently lead to more energized teaching and increased student enjoyment, engagement and learning.

Some states are using an approach to use innovative ways to determine student knowledge with alternatives to standardized testing. Activities conducted in the classroom will provide students with the necessary skills they will need to compete with other students entering into the job market. 

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