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Community Efforts and Managing Public Relations (PR)

Community Efforts and Managing Public Relations (PR)

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You are a new PR intern at Apple. Apple is donating 200 iPads to a local inner-city school to promote technology in education. As a PR intern, you need to get the word out about this event. In your discussion post, compose a tweet (a tweet is 140 characters or less) and a Facebook post (200-250 words) creating awareness for the event.


Tweet: @AppleInc…Come one come all! Parents, students, and residents you don’t want to miss this event! Please join us at Centerpoint High School, 200 High School Street, Birmingham AL 35215 on Saturday, September 8, 2017, at 8:00 am sharp. In promoting education, Apple is donating iPads to the first 200 people. Our hope is to make sure all students are afforded the opportunity to gain higher knowledge with the assistance of having their own technological devices at their disposal. #EachOneTeachOne

Facebook post: Apple is promoting technology in education and will be at a school near you this Saturday, September 9, 2017. Our hope is to get the word out that we will be at Centerpoint High School, 200 High School Dr, Birmingham, AL 35215 so spread the word We will be giving away 200 Ipads starting at 8:00 am. Our goal is to help local inner-city school s by promoting technology in education. We, at Apple, Inc, believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity at a fair education and we believe it starts with technology. Apple has thrived over the years because of the buyers of our products and we feel that we should give back to the communities who have made all of this possible. #EachOneTeachOne

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