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Changes to an internal process

Changes to an internal process

Recall a situation when your organization decided to make changes to an internal process or procedure. In your response, address these topics:

First, explain whether or not the change fit into your organization’s mission and values.

Second, provide an example of the most significant barrier to this change.

Third, suggest ways that your organization could have addressed this issue more effectively.

The purpose of innovation is for inviduals to discover the ends they wish their lives to lead to, and thus alter their actions so they may discover the means by which to get there. Companies today more than ever are feeling the need for internal innovation. Innovation can be focused outwardly or inwardly, whether you define it as introducing something new, a new idea or method, of a new idea successfully, or just making small improvements where possible to everyday situations. The purpose of internal innovation is to explore how to take the methodologies and efforts others are using to create wonders externally, and learn how to wield them so they may be focused internally to ourselves.

The questions is: Why do business leaders believe that innovation is the secret sauce for company growth?

Relect: Which cultural influence do you feel will constitute the greatest challenge for management as it relates to maintaining a functional organizational culture? Why do you think so?

a. Generational change (millennials)

b. Artificial Intelligence (robotics)

c. eCommerce (the age of the Internet)

d. Globalization (technology-driven solutions)

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