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Case study on Trends/Changes

Case study on Trends/Changes

Take a ‘field trip’ to a local/regional mall to observe, firsthand, some of the trends that are happening in the retail industry. Think about what has been changed compared to 5-10 years ago or/and recently: stores, retailers, designs, decoration, layout, patrons, what they do etc. Write a brief report on your observations and readings following the template

  • Trends/Changes
  • Why the trends/changes happened
  • Recommendation for mall owners/department stores/retailers
  • Take THREE photos that would illustrate the changes and put in the appendix of your report.

The report must be typed and is limited to 2 pages (not include appendix) in a font (Arial recommended) of 12 with standard margins, double space. Expanded bullet points are preferred to text intensive documents. 

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