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Case study on Risk Management

 Case study on Risk Management

Research Assignment.
1. Each student is required to select a topic of personal interest and prepare a written report on the subject. The subject is one of your choosing but MUST be in the area of Risk Management that influences the outcomes concerning Costing / Estimating / Financing of projects.
Evaluate the perspective of the major parties involved, usually these would be:a. The ownerb. The designerc. The builder
2. The format of the report you can take as similar to a journal publication. The body of the report (subparagraphs “a” through “g” below) shall be a minimum of 2000 words (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around) not including figures, tables and graphics. The report shall include the following:
a) Definition of the report’s objective.b) Thorough literature review of the subject.c) Primary and concrete issues addressed in the report.d) Advantages and disadvantages to different parties:a. The ownerb. The designerc. The builder
e) Zoom in ona. Potential Contractual issuesb. Cost implications
f) Conclusions and recommendations supported by facts found in the study.g) Reference list, 10 sources minimum with at least one book, and three peer-reviewed journal articles.
A Quick Guide to PublicationsPublication criteriaArticles should take the form of a Note or Project:Notes should record significant advances in engineering knowledge of relevance to the New Zealand engineering profession.Projects should record significant advances in engineering practice in the context of New Zealand projects or developments.The key criteria for deciding whether your paper is suitable are:Does your paper represent an advance – that is, does it contain information not available elsewhere?Is it relevant to the New Zealand engineering profession – that is, is it potentially useful to a section of New Zealand’s professional engineers?Writing and formattingYou can assume that your reader is a fellow engineering professional sharing much of your engineering knowledge.Papers should follow the academic conventions regarding writing, formatting, referencing etc.How to get startedWriting an article is usually NOT the first step. First you need to decide on your publishing objectives. Do you want to share interesting results with your peers? And who do you want to reach – researchers or consultants?Answer these questions and you will clarify your approach and the content of your paper.Writing a technical paper is not so different from writing an engineering report:Outline what you want your paper to say.Make a rough draft by dumping all relevant information into a document.Define in your first paragraph your paper’s core message – its rationale and objective.Explain your points, including concrete examples if possible.End with a discussion of implications, recommendations to your readers, or a call to action, depending on the nature of the topic.From here it’s just a matter of refining the content and formatting your paper. 

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