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Case study on Profitability or Performance

Case study on Profitability or Performance

The companies to be compared and analyzed are Home Depot & Lowe’s. Find the websites on the internet for the two companies and locate their latest annual reports.

Part I-Ratio Calculation:

We will analyze Home Depot & Lowe’s by calculating 4 ratios: Current Ratio; Profit Margin; Return on Assets and Debt to Equity. Templates for calculating and presenting the information are at the following link: HD – Lowes- Ratio Analysis Use the Industry comparison information at the top of page 215 for current ratio) in the text to make your assessment of Strong, Weak or Neutral.

Part II- Summary:

Briefly discuss whether or not Home Depot & Lowe’s can pay their debts (Liquidity), whether or not each are Profitable (Profitability or Performance), and finally whether each will likely continue to operate (Long Term Solvency). Explain which company would you invest in and why (you must choose one of the two). Use the format at the following link: Financial Analysis Project- Summary week 3

I can provide all necessary documents including the annual reports, and the links listed above.

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