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Case study on nursing

 Case study on nursing

Unit Learning Written case study essay with headings (including El-P assessment) 1800 word count (+/-10%)
Sunday 3rd Sept at 23:59hr
Submit via Case Study Turnitin link via Blackboard site under ‘Assessments’ tab
• Develop an appropriate response to the acute nursing needs of a diverse range of
Outcomes for this clients.
assessment • Utilise evidence based practice to identify and problem solve the needs of patients in acute situations.
Assessment Instructions
Dave Sawyer (DOB: 24/10/1991) is a FIFO worker who lives near Collie. Dave has just completed his rotation of night shifts and flown straight home for his R&R days.
Dave went to ED, and on arrival Dave’s observations were: T-36.70C, HR-89bpm, RR-20pm, BP-139/68mmHg, 02-95% RA, pain score 9/10.

Dave is allergic to elastoplast (causing pruritus and welts), is not on any medications, and has no other medical problems.
You are looking after Dave on his return to the ward post-operatively at 11:45hrs. Doctor’s post-op orders are for routine observations, dressing to stay intact for 72hrs, keep leg elevated, and neurovascular observations four-hourly. He is awake and alert, and he has a dressing on his right calf, with minimal sanguineous ooze evident. Dave’s observations on return to ward are: T-36.10C, HR-66bpm, RR-16pm, BP-109/71mmHg, 02-95% RA, and pain score 2/10.
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