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Case study on Marketing Triangle

 Case study on Marketing Triangle

  1. This question must be answered in a 150 word count.

As you have now seen, marketing consists of many different disciplines and functions. publicity (free media coverage); and P.R. (personal relationships). An easy way to remember it is this is, “With advertising you PAY, with publicity you PRAY (that it will be publicized and accurate), and with P.R. you PLAY.” Think of the business you work for, or a Fortune 500 company you are familiar with. Does it utilize all three sides of the Marketing Triangle Describe in detail how it does or does not. For this and all other Discussion questions, post your initial response (150 -250 words), and reply to at least TWO classmates’ postings with at least 75 words. Important: In this week’s initial posting, I would like you to use and cite/reference supplemental research.

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Read the Chapter 14 Case: Real Choices at Frito-Lay

Answer each question in 200 – 350 words.   A total of 800 word min.


  1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Frito-Lay.

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  1. Research the products and organization at fritolay.com. Identify and discuss the most important issues surrounding the successful use of CRM at Frito-Lay.

How does CRM link the marketing and sales functions of the organization

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  1. What is the purpose of trade sales promotions Identify three types of trade sales promotions that Frito-Lay should use to increase sales. Specifically how should these be implemented

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