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Case study on employee under-performance.

Case study on employee under-performance.

In response to a simulated business scenario, and using work completed in Assessment Task 1, you will develop, monitor and review performance systems, analyse performance, identify areas of underperformance, take prompt remedial action and report on operational performance.

In accordance with contingency planning developed in Assessment Task 1, you will take prompt action to address employee underperformance.



Read the simulated BBQfun case study information provided in Appendix 1 of this task and in the business documentation previously provided form Assessments 1 and 2.


  1. Based on the information provided, prepare a plan for monitoring performance from the start of implementation to the end of the financial year. Use the action plan template provided in Appendix 2. Ensure you include plans for monitoring and/or documenting the following:
    1. budgetary and financial performance
    2. productivity performance
    3. employee performance in line with performance management policy
    4. milestone achievement and performance against targets
    5. dates for monitoring activities in line with scenario
    6. resources for monitoring
    7. progress reporting at the end of each quarter to the Operations General Manager
    8. regular performance management of online staff and lodgement of records with the HR Manager.







  1. From the case study, identify areas of employee underperformance and determine possible remedial actions.



  1. a description of productivity performance


  1. an analysis of milestone achievement and performance against targets


  1. three recommendations for operational improvement.


  1. Analyse the operational performance as described in the case scenario (Appendix 1). Using the Operational Status report template (Appendix 5) produce an operational plan status report based on the information provided in Appendix 1.




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