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Business Management Court

Business Management Court

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300-word response to the following forum post (900-words total):

Forum #1

Discuss your leadership styles scores and effectiveness scores with group members. Specifically are there styles that you do not use but should or styles you over rely on.

Forum #2 (See attached for referenced forms)

In module five you find a “Conflict Styles Work Sheet” and a form for “Scoring the Conflict Style Work Sheet. You should complete these and have a discussion of the results in your group.

In module five, unit 10 you will find a “FIRO-b Instrument” and a “Scoring of the FIRO-B Instrument. You should complete this instrument and have a discussion in your group.

In the discussion address the following questions:

1. Which sores seem to fit your self-concept most accurately?

2. Which scores seem to fit you self-concept least accurately?

3. How can the results be used to enhance your performance on the job?

Forum #3

Using what you have learned in our discussion and the articles on organizational culture, describe the culture of the organization where you currently work or where you have worked previously. In addition, if your organization were a sports team what would the sport most effectively describes the culture and why?


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