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Business data analytic research

Business data analytic research

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Students will research a topic, write a paper on that topic, and present a summary to the class. Topics will be in the areas of new technology, database administration, data ware houses and data marts, and legal or social issues relevant to the course.

papers should be two to three pages of typed information and an additional bibliography page. A minimum of three sources should be used for each paper. The papers should be type written with a professional look. Why the emphasis on professional look. This class is preparing you to present your ideas to your peers and potentially clients that you may be trying to sell an idea to. The more you practice looking professional the more skilled you will be come in that area.

Below are the topics that you may choose from for your papers.


What is the Cloud and Who has it?

ETL (as it relates to data) What is it?

PII Data and the law

Foreign Privacy Laws


RedShift Database

The Cloud and Privacy

HIPPA data and the law

National Medical Records Database


ANSI/ISO SQL Standards

Big Data

NoSQL Data Modeling

Data Modeling for high availability

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