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Budgeting in the Government Sector

Budgeting in the Government Sector

Budgeting in the Government Sector, Internet Research Similar to companies, the U.S. government must prepare a budget each year. However, unlike private, for-profit companies, the budget and its details are available to the public. The entire budgetary process is established by law. The government makes available a considerable amount of information concerning the federal budget. Most of this information can be found on the Internet. Using Internet resources (e.g., consider accessing the Office of Management and Budget at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb), answer the following questions: Required:

1. When is the federal budget prepared?

2. Who is responsible for preparing the federal budget?

3. How is the final federal budget determined? Explain in detail how the government creates its budget. 4. What percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP) is represented by the federal budget?

5. What are the revenue sources for the federal budget? Indicate the percentage contribution of each of the major sources.

6. How does U.S. spending as a percentage of GDP compare with spending of other countries?

7. How are deficits financed?

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