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blend of decentralized and centralized computing.

blend of decentralized and centralized computing.

T F 1. Typically cloud computing services will be rented from an external company that hosts and manages them.

T F 2. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a form of client/server computing.

T F 3. The client/server architecture is a blend of decentralized and centralized computing.

T F 4. A cloud broker evaluates the services provided by a cloud provider in terms of security controls, privacy impact, performance, and so on.

T F 5. NIST defines three service models that can be viewed as nested service alternatives: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

T F 6. Typically, an IP address refers to an individual host on a particular network.

T F 7. In an internet environment, multicasting is an easier undertaking.

T F 8. One way to assure that the packet is received by all members of the group is to broadcast a copy of each packet to each network in the configuration, over the least-cost route for each network.

T F 9. Both the broadcast and multiple unicast strategies are inefficient because they generate unnecessary copies of the source packet.

T F 10. IGMP takes advantage of the broadcast nature of a LAN to provide an efficient technique for the exchange of information among multiple hosts and routers.


II. Multiple Choices (15 points)

1. The magnitude of delay variation, called ________ , is a critical factor in realtime applications. A. jitter B. stuttering C. supernetting D. latency

2. Peak download rate for a 4G network is __________. A. 1 Gbps B. 100 Mbps C. 500 Mbps D. 384 kbps

3. Peak download rate for a 3G network is _________. A. 1 Gbps B. 100 Mbps C. 500 Mbps D. 384 kbps

4. Wireless communications is likely to be viewed as an essential part of an enterprise network infrastructure when:

5. The network vehicle used for worm propagation is ___________. A. electronic mail facility B. remote execution capability C. remote login capability D. all of the above

6. A worm that can attack a variety of OSs rather than a single OS such as Windows is ______________. A. multiplatform B. multi-exploit C. polymorphic D. metamorphic

7. The primary mechanism used in implementing denial-of-service attacks is the: A. worm B. Trojan horse C. bot D. all of the above




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