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The Big Cheese of Mousetraps

Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps
Assignment Instructions A hands on review–I expect your application of concepts review to be approximately 500-700 words; to include references from the APUS Library system (failure to include such references will detract from your grade on the assignment), and that the paper be written in proper grammar/spelling. The intention of this assignment is to apply the concepts to real world situations. Write well–Do your best work. Be sure to cite your work! Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps A group of investors has purchased from an inventor the U.S. rights to sell a patented, innovative mousetrap. The group has hired Martha House to manage the company that includes assuming responsibility for sales and marketing. This case provides details of the marketing strategy employed by Ms. House. Despite the innovativeness of the mousetrap and its success at gaining public attention, sales are disappointingly slow. Martha finds herself wondering why the world is not beating a path to her door, as Ralph Waldo Emerson would have predicted. 1. Martha and the investors in Trap-Ease seem to face a `once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.` What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity What do you think the investor group would write as its `mission statement` 2. Who is identified as Trap-Ease’s target market Are there other possible market segments that the firm could target 3. How is the product positioned relative to the selected target market in the case Are there other ways to position the product 4. What marketing mix has Trap-Ease established Do you see any problems with this mix 5. Who is Trap-Ease’s competition 6. How would you change Trap-Ease marketing strategy What kinds of control procedures would you establish in connection with this strategy

Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps
1. For the Trap Ease to be able to evaluate and get their once in a life time opportunity, Martha and the investors require sufficient information on whether there is another way of fighting against mice in US. For this information to be availed there need to have a research to identify those other tools of fighting the mice. If the research shows that there is another way of fighting the mice then their opportunities will be low. But in case the research shows that there is no other way to fight the mice then the Trap Ease will be the only way and most successful on the market. The mission statement should read as “the most successful way to trap mice”. I would request the strategic management to have a mission statement as “if you want the simplicity to get rid of mice in a way that will cause no harm-then go for Trap-Ease mousetraps”.
2. For me, I think the target segment would be women since they are the one mostly involved in housekeeping services. The other market would be the owner of ship or docks since the vessels has so many rats and mice (Ahmed, Sattar, Khoso & Parmar, 2014). The ship owners will buy in large numbers and therefore these  mlkwill increase sales and revenues.
3. This company’s has positioned itself as the easier way of trapping mice i.e. Trap-ease. This positioned is not the best since it only talks of easy way. The positioned would be like, trap mice easier with no harm and keeping your hands clean. This would be catchy and not broad.
4.Price- $2.49 per 2 units, product- the trap ease, place it is sold on hardware and drug chains, promotion-to spend $ 10000 on advertising and $ 50000 to use on trade shows and for making calls to cus  tomers.
This company can increase the point of sales by targeting places like supermarkets since most women visits supermarkets for shopping. Promotion need to target most women through use of magazines. Women love reading magazines and they will find the advertisement there.Then for other marketing mix strategies i.e. the product and the price they can remain the same.
5. The competitors of this company are the traditional trapping tools and the spring loaded trap which are cheaper and simple to manufacture. These products are the substitute of the Trap ease product.
6. To start with, this product is not customer oriented product since Martha focuses on ways to increase sales rather than ways to give satisfaction to customers.The product should focus on the needs of the customers and ways on which to increase value(Davari & Strutton, 2014). To change the marketing strategy of this product, I would first think of product differentiation to increase the target segments. Then my consumer target would be the women mostly house wives and the ship owners. Then the product should be made in such a way that the women will not see the mice inside the plastic tube. Most women are afraid of mice and therefore need a blackened out tube for them not to see the mice. For the case of future growth, the company should come up with new tools such as sprays which would keep off mice. The products would be made available to all by taking the products to retailers on time. In case of the product ordered then it should be delivered immediately. The company also would engage on after sales services(Cain, 2014).These after sales services would include technical assistance on how to use the product and demonstrate by using samples of their own.

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Ahmed, R. R., Sattar, I., Khoso, I., &Parmar, V. (2014). New product development: strategy & implementation mechanism based on primary & secondary data research in pharmaceutical industry. International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, 4(5), 152-176.
Cain, P. M. (2014). Brand management and the marketing mix model.Journal of Marketing Analytics.

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