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Artificial Intelligence Assignment

Artificial Intelligence Assignment

The 1989 Math Contest in Modeling posed The Midge Classification Problem (attached). Given that this is an artificial intelligence course, how would you develop an artificial intelligence with which you could answer questions 1. and 2. Don’t solve this with statistical techniques. Your artificial intelligence must exhibit attributes of artificial intelligence in Chapter 1 of our text.

1. Given a midge that you know is species Af or Apf, how would you go about classifying it

2. Apply your method to three specimens with (antenna, wing) lengths(1.24, 1.80), (1.28, 1.84), (1.40, 2.04).

Your artificial intelligence must be specified as a step-by-step procedure for solving this specific problem with finite amounts of resources (algorithm). Each step must be executable by a human using pencil and paper. You must, therefore, carry out your artificial intelligence algorithm for midge classification. Use the data in the graph to train your artificial intelligence. Then exercise your artificial intelligence using the three specimens in 2. above

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