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Applying Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theory

Applying Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theory

For Module 3 Assignment, you will take an example from a current news-article online or in print, or from a political, legal or educational institution, business you work for, neighborhood or civic association, club, etc., of 1) utilitarian ethics and 2) social contract ethics in action (one example of each).

This could be a policy, a constitutional law, a mission statement, or an action taken by an institution or people within an institution that exemplifies these theories operating in public life. Describe these and consider how they are, and perhaps are not, examples of social contract theory and utilitarianism in practice.

You will give two examples—one for each theory. Write about a page for each theory/example. In your reflection paper entry, write about each example:

How this is an example of utilitarianism or social contract theory. Whether this is /was effective in establishing good and fair relations among those it concerned. (Cite the source of this example and/or the organization/institution and/or the event, meeting, etc, at which this took place)

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