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Advantages that the technology offer

Advantages that the technology offer

Respond to initial posts and consider the following:

What are some strategic advantages that the technology described by your peers can provide to a business?

Provide examples of companies using the same technology, and explain how they use it to gain a competitive advantage. Post the URL of the company you use.

Post –

In todays business world there are many challenges to staying number one in your respective markets. However with new technology, business are facing even more difficulties as each company taps into this new tech. For example the company I work for continually uses new technology and a great customer service strategy to beat out its competitors. We constantly use real time data streaming which show sales, labor, inventory and variances reports to help control cost. My company also uses iPads to leverage our customer service model in order to aid and speed up transaction times to help grow sales. Chick-fil-A restaurants are ranked as the number one fast food chain in America over the past couple of years due to our commitment to reinvent and strive for excellence. We now have real time mobile apps that allow us to track and manage day-to-day operations.

There are many new emerging technologies that many other companies use as well. Google is one of the highest grossing companies in the world today and utilizes uses digital data gathering software to learn individual search to determine what certain individuals might like or buy. Most search engines like Google sell this information to other companies in order to use target marketing to sale their products.

New technologies if used in parallel with their current business strategies will help them to keep their competitive edge and merge into new markets. Many people only know IBM as a company that builds computers, however in their development of Watson they have since entered into the medical field. As new technologies continue to advance most companies will utilize technology to ensure the future success of their companies.

Must be at least 3 paragraghs and 1 source cited.

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