What to do before you buy an essay

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Money is not easy to come by. Caution is therefore taken before one decided to buy an academic essay. The following are some of the things to look for before going ahead to buy an essay.

Samples when buying an essay

Before paying for your essay, ask the support or the writer who is going to work on your assignment to send you his or her previous writing samples. The samples provided should be those that are related to the paper you are going to order. When for example your assignment is in literature, giving you an economics sample is entirely wrong. You should then go through the sample to understand the writer’s ability when it comes to writing. The sample is also a good starting point as it enables you to have a clue on the type of paper to expect.

Asking for a draft of an academic essay

Despite being given a sample, it is also paramount to ask for a draft. Some of the writers and academic writing companies are cunning. They might give you a draft that they did not even write. It is because of that a draft will say it all. The draft will be about the essay. Some writers might give you an outline about how they expect to tackle the essay. You can use the draft to guide the writer on a specific angle that you want the paper to take. From the draft, you can also know if the writer understood all that you requested. The draft for most companies is sent six hours after the initial instructions were sent. If the draft is good, you then commission your writer to proceed with the work.

Feedback on academic essays

The last stage after receiving a sample and a draft, you can then proceed to read the comments of the returning customers. It is nature of the humanity to appreciate for whatever good that is done to them. Browse through the site and read what the returning clients are saying about the site. You can as well ask your friends who might have used the site about their experience. If they had a positive experience, you can go ahead and buy the essay. Don’t overlook any of the above-mentioned steps if you want a high quality

Problems faced by students when ordering a custom essay

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Custom essays are essays that are tailored to meet the specific requirements. The process of customizing an essay, therefore, involves following instructions given to the latter. Each and every essay has unique instructions and should, therefore, be adhered to. Finding a reliable and cheap custom essay writing company might be a daunting task for many students. It is the joy of any student to have an essay customized for them at an affordable cost. The following are some of the problems that students face when they want an essay written for them.

Choosing the right custom essay writing service

First, it is very difficult to choose the right custom essay writing service. This can be attributed to the fact that there are many custom writing companies. Almost all of them claim to be situated in the United Kingdom or the United States. Another funny part is that all of them claim to be made up of highly trained professionals yet you might find that their writers are fellow college students. It, therefore, becomes for one to find the right company for the job.

Expensive custom essay writing services

Many of the custom essay writing companies are not cheap. They charge the students exorbitant prices. Because of one reason or the other, the student has no option but pay. The custom essay writing services or companies might charge up to $ 50 for an urgent one-page paper. The complex papers are charged even more. The students are always looking for cheap custom essays.

Genuine custom essay writing

The internet has made it possible for people to start their online essay writing companies. Some of these companies are out to extort money from the desperate and unsuspecting students. Some order their custom essays and pay but they never their assignments. Some of these companies fail even to produce a single piece of writing. In some situations, they get poorly written custom essays. The poorly written essays were written by amateur writers who have no experience whatsoever when it comes to customizing essays.

Importance of essay writing service reviews


Nobody wants to throw away their funds. It is because of this that students worldwide prefer ordering their online essays from essay writing companies that have good reviews. With the advancement of technology everyone wants to engage in writing essays online. It is, therefore, important that one check and chooses the only site that has good reviews.

Credible online essay

Essay writing service reviews are imperative as they help the student understand the reliable essay writing services. There are some sites with writers who write online essays that are professional. Going through the reviews made by the previous of such sites can help you in knowing whether a site is credible or not. Once you have the information, it will help you making the right choice whether to post your assignment with them or look for another site.
Another importance of essay writing service reviews is that they help the writer to know whether a company that engages in online essay writing has a money back guarantee. It is always prudent that one is refunded if their instructions are not met. Some fraudulent online essay companies never want to revise or refund the clients. Through the reviews, one can, therefore, know what to expect when dealing with a particular essay writing company.

Secure online essay

One of the factors that people worry about is their security online. The security involves things like the safety of their personal information as well as their financial information. Reviews are very helpful when it comes to knowing the sites that take their clients’ security concern. The students would not be happy if their college details are not kept properly. Students who have faced serious security threats in the past can always express their thoughts, and this can act as a caution to future students. It is, therefore, paramount to keep reading the reviews for various essay writing services so as to know those that care about your safety while using their sites. It is also a matter of concern when one realizes that their email addresses are being used for other purposes than what was initially intended.

Dissertation writing services

dissertation writing services

A dissertation is described as an exposition of a research paper written by students so as to complete the requirements for a doctoral degree. A dissertation is also known as a thesis. Writing a dissertation requires much more than what is required when writing essays. The dissertation writers must be aware of the various sections of a dissertation.

The first section that dissertation writers should know is the research proposal. Before one seeks the services of dissertation writing service, a research proposal is written. When the proposal is accepted, then the student can go ahead to seek the help dissertation help from the dissertation writing services. In some cases, the introduction part is covered in the research proposal.

The next steps that dissertation writers take into consideration is the literature review section. The literature review section is composed of ideas and information of other scholars. Clients who seek dissertation help from the dissertation writing services always want the literature review section to be perfectly done.

Another important section that the dissertation writers include in the dissertation is the methodology section. In this section, the conceptual framework for the dissertation is included. The methods of data collection, data analysis as well the theories that would be used are jotted here. The dissertation cannot be complete without this section. It is therefore as important as other sections. The conclusions and the recommendations all emanate from this section.

The proceeding section is that of results and discussion. The dissertation writers show the results from the methodology section here. They also discuss the outcomes of the experiment that was done. It is important to note the results and the discussions should complement those from the literature review.

The last section is about conclusion and recommendations. Here, the writer makes conclusion based on the result that was found from the methodology section. Recommendations are also made based on the objectives of the study. It is evident from this article that all the parts of the dissertation depend on each other.

Factors influencing your coursework

There are various factors that a student should consider before writing coursework. First if the student is to choose the topic, then it is important to select a topic that is interesting because it is easier to produce an excellent coursework if you enjoy what you are writing. Some of the most important factors to consider before writing a coursework are examining the title of your coursework, producing a work plan and collecting necessary materials, reading and note taking, structuring the essay and writing the essay.

When examining the title of the coursework, it is important to read the question carefully until you get an understanding of what the question demands. Here, it is important to identify the key sections of the instructions such as compare, contrast, account for, discuss, outline, assess, describe and many others.


Once after the preliminary reading, it is important to develop a plan of the coursework. Planning helps in the organization of ideas and organization of research together with the gathering of the necessary materials from the handouts, electronic media, books, handouts and other sources purposively.  The plan should be made of a list of major points that will form the basis of the argument or discussion.

Reading and taking notes is another important factor before writing a coursework. It is very important to scribble down brief notes while reading. It helps in listing key points as well as evidence needed when writing the coursework. It also helps students in understanding and digestion of what has been read. Moreover, note taking helps in remembering the sources and the relevant page numbers.

The next factor to consider before producing the coursework is structuring of the essay. Essays consist of a beginning, the body, and an end. The beginning is the introduction that explores the question and indicates the direction that the argument will take. The body develops a logical argument that follows a series of points and which is supported by facts, evidence and illustrations. The essay then ends with a conclusion that brings together all the ideas of the essay and summarizes the argument.

Writing the coursework is the next factor. The writing should be clear and precise. The best way to write is to explore one point per paragraph until the point is exhausted. The last factor to consider in producing quality coursework is reviewing and editing the essay or the work. It is important to see that the question is well answered. Here, one can reorganize the points to strengthen the argument. An important part here is the correcting of grammar. The paper is now ready for handing in if the above factors are considered.

Research paper

Research paper writing service companies have become so popular among students. Those who barely have no time prefer to go for this services. We will be looking at the advantages of using these services and why one should pay for them.

Professionalism. Some of these research writing service companies have writers who have handled various disciplines and are very knowledgeable. One can be sure that their work will be done on time and will be of high quality. It is sometimes hard for a student to write a research paper since most have little or no knowledge of how to handle such papers. When working on a research paper a lot of time is required for them. It is not like an essay that one can finish within hours. Requires enough time and days to do thorough research. Paying a research paper service saves one a lot of time.

Research paper

Another advantage is that once a student has their first paper written for them, it acts as a guideline for the style and format they need to use. The skills they get from these companies help them get ideas on how they can handle their assignments later. It helps them to get rid of that anxiety that they cannot handle a given research topic.

Most research paper writing produces original content. Their writers begin working on one’s work from scratch, and this should be one of the reasons why one should pay them. It is a guarantee in most cases that what you will get content that is meant just for you. The work one also gets relevant to what one ordered for.

Their services are at affordable prices. Research paper writing service companies are cheap and easily affordable depending on one’s budget. Since there are several of these companies found online, one can compare the various ones they find before deciding on the best to settle for. Factors one should be looking for are the charges, quality of work and what other people have commented on these companies.

Sometimes when one feels like they do not want to do the research they should consider paying for these kinds of services. I am not encouraging laziness all I’m saying is, we all have those days when we do not want to research. In those days, paying someone to do the work for you is not such a bad idea. The best thing about these services is that they offer free revision in case you never got satisfied with their first work.

Case Study approaches

When writing a case study, it is important to know that a case study takes two different approaches. The two main approaches are the analytical approach and the problem-oriented approach. In an analytical approach, the case study is examined to help gain an understanding of what has happened and why it has happened. Here, it is not necessary to point at problems or to suggest possible solutions. In a problem-oriented approach, a case is examined to help identify the main problem or problem and suggest possible solutions to the identified problems.

In a problem-oriented approach, the main focus is the identification of the problem and the formulation of a working solution. Here, a successful case study is identified by its ability to analyze the existing real life situation where the existing problems require a suitable solution.

case study

The problem-oriented approach relates a specific theory with the present practical situation or the problem in the case. For instance, this could be an application of the knowledge and ideas that have been discussed in the course work to the problem at hand or the situation being examined. The problem-oriented case study focuses on the identification of the problem, selection of the major problem among the problems available in the case, and suggesting working solutions to the major problems in the case. Additionally, this approach also recommends the best solution needs to be implemented and gives details on how and when the solution provided should be implemented. Normally, the data used in this type of a case study are collected using data collection techniques such as interviews, tape recording, observations and document collections.

The analytical approach, on the other hand, helps in getting an in-depth understanding of what is happening, what happened or why it happened. Analytical case study, unlike the problem-oriented, demands very sharp analytical skills. In approach, there is no specific problem that requires a solution; rather it is a situation that requires keen analysis. The situation under examination is to help draw conclusions on what is happening or what leads to the situation. The analytical approach can also utilize data collection techniques such as interviews and observation in the collection of data.

The main difference between these two approaches is that the problem-oriented focuses on recommending a working solution to the problem at hand while the analytical approach focuses on interpreting reasons behind certain cases. For example, an analytical approach could focus on determining why people prefer Facebook to Twitter or why people prefer to shop in the evening to shopping in the morning.

Homework excellence

Homework is of great significance in a student’s academic life. It helps students to use their time productively at home and also ensure that they do not forget the key concepts of their class readings. There need to be certain skills that help in successful accomplishment of these assignments.

First, a student should be able to understand where and when he or she can do the work and where and when he or she cannot. For instance, there are some students who cannot study in their bedrooms because they will fall asleep. Some students cannot study in the living room because they fear distraction especially a student who is easily distracted. Therefore, each student should be able to know the most appropriate place and time.

A student should also know what has been assigned and what is required to accomplish the homework. A student needs to know and identify the necessary books and materials that will be necessary for the homework. This helps the student to know what to carry home and what to borrow.


Pay keen attention to instructions and break down task into parts. Understanding instructions are the key to success. Therefore, the student should have the patience to read the instructions carefully. After reading the instructions, a student should break down the task into parts and assign each part a specific time.

A student should also be able to make homework more interesting. There need to be breaks at intervals during homework. Breaks help a student to maintain concentration and also in keeping fresh. A student should also set goals and reward for finishing a given task. Rewards are a way to get motivation. Therefore, a student should be able to get a way to earn rewards. There are some homework that are quite boring. A student should be able to devise ways that make such assignments more interesting.

Involving others in homework could also be a great way to achieve excellence. There are some students who do not involve parents and siblings in their assignments. Involving parents and siblings in homework can make the task a lot interesting. Moreover, it fosters understanding when everyone tries to explain a concept or idea in different ways.

In most cases, excellence in homework greatly depends on a student’s ability o understand what best works out for him or her. However, using any two of the above could greatly help a student come up with success in any homework.

Assignment advice

assignmentBeing a student is something people who have not experienced it wish to. One has to balance school work, friends and family. It is sometimes quite hard with all the workload one has, and assignment submission is student’s greatest enemy.

A lot of people assume that if one is not doing their school assignment they are out partying. People have been lead to believe having fun is in the student’s diary but it is not always the case. Some students after joining spot a business need and go out of their way to make a living out of it. Others join the most active clubs become leaders and most times these fall guilty of never completing any assignment.

What are some of the causes of poor assignment performance? Procrastination. In college, most classes happen once in a week hence a student decides to do the assignment the next day, the day after and before they know it the next lecture is on. Laziness is also a contributing factor. It, therefore, leads to one duplicating their friends work or directly copy pasting from the internet. At times, this happens unintentionally. One could have been busy with co-curriculum activities that they keep ignoring their class work.


Student life is a fun career that if most were given a chance they would work in this department forever. It is like the very first time one was left home alone. The freedom one had but now every single day over and over the semester. Is that not amazing? One major problem with student life is money. Lack of it or too much of it, either way there is a problem. Those with too much of it are always going on road trips partying and paying off others to do that assignment they were given in their last class. On the other hand, those without much money look for ways legal and illegal to make their ends meet.

Life as a student could entail so much. Some devote their part time in dong what they love most. It could be spoken words, comedy, and acting and in concentrating on these, they forget they had the assignment to do. It narrows down to balancing one’s social life and the assignment given.

Finally, everyone should have a life away from books. It helps one to get out of their comfort zone. The exposure gained could be the beginning of your career. One can do that without putting aside any assignment. However, do not forget to set time for that activity that interests you.  

How to write a critical book review

Writing a good critical review that people love to read these days is not as difficult as it seems to be. Below mentioned are the required steps that can be used to write one such critical review of any book.


Book review step-by-step

Step1. Try to bring out some clues and idea about the book without actually going through the synopsis. Figure out what the book wants to tell the readers with what you in particular actually understood. Consider the genre and think of a few other books of a few genres. This will help you get an idea of that particular genre and of that particular author.

Step 2. Open the book and read it. Much rather, scan it as fast as you can. Consider your observations now. What kind of the book it was, fiction or non-fiction. Consider the type of sentences, long or short. Observe the expressions of the author so as to mention the kind of expressions that the author has used in the book. Readers are so much interested in the expressions itself, about how the author has put the storyline together.

Book review writing services

Step 3. Form a frame to compile ideas. Basically, you can separate the idea by firstly discussing about the chapters separately and further discuss them as a whole. For that, make notes and then frame them. This will tell the storyline of the book in short.

Step 5. Try to concentrate as a reader. Only a reader knows what he/she expects in a review. The important points that a reader searches before going to choose any book should be the primary idea of the review. Readers use reviews to choose books to read and therefore, it plays an important role for them. Make sure you try to stand up their expectations.

Step 6. Discuss briefly about the main roles, supportive roles and side story of the book. It is very insightful to read about the roles in different reviews. Each and every review may portray the roles in a different manner, though on the same lines. But the reflection of every review is different which gives your review a new look and sound to read.

Step 7. Sum up the entire book. Results and Findings are important. Also, your personal opinion, though not that necessary can sometimes help. If you think your personal opinion is something that can add value to the readers, then it’s something that you should add in the review. It gives a personal touch to the readers.

At the end, try to be as innovative and creative as you can while writing. Your way of writing is as much important as the content is.