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Is using ghostwriting services ethical?

ghostwritingTo ghostwrite is to write something on behalf of someone. The name of the writer doesn’t usually appear, but the one who requested the services is the one whose name appears. The client, ( the name given to the one who seeks the services of a ghostwriter) gets all the credit for what has been written while the writer gets paid. It is because of this that ghostwriting pays a little more as compared to by-lined work. Ghostwriting services cannot use the work in their portfolios neither can they receive any recognition for the work.

Whether write a paper for me is ethical.

Ghostwriters tend to respond to ‘write a paper for me’ requests. Questions that many people ask is whEther it is ethical to have a paper written for you. If you ask me I will say a big YES. Ghostwriting is one of the marketing techniques. There are many intelligent professionals in different categories of fields who cannot write well. There are many reasons why they can’t write. A majority don’t have the time to sit and write. Another group of people also don’t have the passion for writing. Personally, if I don’t have time, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact a ghostwriter to write a paper for me.

Ad copies and ghostwriting

How many times have the presidents have hired people to write their speech?  Is it right? Ghostwriting is just the same as writing an advertisement copy. Many companies hire advertising agencies to help them in devising some of the best marketing strategies. Nobody usually expects the CEO or any member of the board to write the advertising copy. They usually outsource these services from ghostwriters who can write a paper for me. The board is only involved in the decision-making process. Have you ever seen a company being condemned as being unethical because they hired an ad agency? It is the same thing that happens when I hire a writer to write a paper for me. Someone with skills is helping one without the skills or time to write a paper. Is it wrong to pay for something that will ease your work and make you successful? Ghostwriting is therefore very ethical business.